Deer Breeding

For the initial breeding herd on our farm we picked strong and healthy animals. By meticulous selection of the best animals and careful purchase from recognized good breeding enclosures, we have brought new bloodlines into the herd and avoided negative inbreeding. Thus, we have a good stock of healthy animals, which are ideally suited for further breeding. Thus you will find here stags with interesting trophy heads and animals with pronounced muscles and meat cover.

We offer breeding stags as well as well-predisposed hinds and their offspring for live sale. The animals do not necessarily have to be anaesthetized because of our own handling system with crush.


Gut Jägerhof


Nr.: 70x
Weight: 190 kg
Birth: 2016


Weight: 200 kg
Birth: 2014


Nr.: 53x  Sold!
Weight: 190 kg
Birth: 2015